May 23, 2024

The Brattle Group

The Brattle Group
Brattle Report Details Impact of ‘Lumpy’ Loads on Utility Forecasts
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Western Officials Get Rundown on ‘Irritating, Inefficient’ Market Seams
Utility staff charged with managing real-time operations will be equipped to deal with the seams between two Western day-ahead markets, but the situation will be far from ideal, Western state energy officials heard at the CREPC-WIRAB spring conference.
Brattle Group
Virtual Power Plants Could Save Calif. $750M a Year, Study Says
California could significantly cut power costs through increased use of VPPs, according to the study by The Brattle Group and GridLab.  
Brattle Group
Nev. RTO Effort Turns Focus to NV Energy Day-ahead Studies
A key factor in the CAISO EDAM advantage is the benefits the utility would lose by leaving the Western Energy Imbalance Market, a Brattle Group consultant said.
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Everett LNG Contracts Face Skepticism in DPU Proceedings
Proposed supply agreements between Constellation and Massachusetts gas utilities which would keep the Everett Marine Terminal operating through 2030 are facing pushback from environmental organizations and the Attorney General’s Office.
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Stakeholder Soapbox: The Greatest Machine Needs a Tune-up
The U.S. power grid is no longer operating efficiently, and these inefficiencies are costing American consumers and threatening reliability, Clean Energy Venture Group's Nora Mead Brownell writes.  
Brattle Group
NV Energy to Reap More from EDAM than Markets+, Report Shows

NV Energy would gain significantly more economic benefits from participating in CAISO’s EDAM than SPP’s Markets+, new analysis from the Brattle Group shows.

Grain Belt Express Gets Partial Approval for Negotiated Rate Authority from FERC
After a fresh FERC review, Invenergy has walked away with half of the authorizations necessary to charge negotiated rates for transmission service on its $7 billion, 5-GW Grain Belt Express transmission project.
AEU Grades ISO/RTO Queues as Order 2023 is Implemented
Advanced Energy United has released a scorecard that ranks the seven domestic ISO/RTOs on their generator interconnection processes, finding room for improvement in every one.
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Texas PUC Closes 1st Phase of Market Overhaul
Texas regulators have marked the closure of the first phase of their blueprint for reliability reforms to the ERCOT grid, cautioning that it’s only a first step.

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