July 13, 2024

transmission planning

Consumer Advocates, Environmentalists Urge Holistic Thinking at PJM
The Public Interest and Environmental Organization User Group discussed generation deactivations, filing rights over regional planning and long-term transmission projects with the PJM Board of Managers.
RMI Report: GETs Could Speed Renewable Development, Save Consumers Billions
An RMI study about grid-enhancing technologies on the PJM grid found they could save consumers hundreds of millions of dollars a year and speed renewable development.
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ISO-NE Projects Decrease in Gas, Increase in Coal and Oil for 2032
ISO-NE expects system emissions to fall by nearly half by 2032 as gas generation declines, but projects coal and oil generation to increase to cover winter peak loads.
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FERC Accepts SPP’s Planning Study Processes for TOs
FERC has approved SPP’s tariff revisions to its transmission planning process that establish new study processes for transmission-owning members.
CAISO Board Adopts Revamped Transmission Plan
CAISO's Board of Governors approved a redesigned transmission plan that focuses on high-priority projects amid a crush of interconnection requests.
NERC Publishes Cybersecurity Planning Framework
NERC laid out a framework for transmission planners and planning coordinators to include cybersecurity in planning studies to address rapidly evolving threats.
CAISO Retools Transmission Plan for Reliability, Renewables
CAISO published its 2022-23 transmission plan, taking a new approach to prioritizing dozens of transmission projects for renewable resources and reliability.
SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Oct. 10-11, 2022
SPP staff have chosen a hybrid approach to improve its transmission and congestion-hedging markets, focusing on equitably allocating congestion rights first.
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PJM Challenged on Oversight of ‘Immediate Need’ Transmission Projects
Consumer advocates, industrial consumers and municipals asked FERC to force PJM to require incumbent TOs to sign agreements on immediate-need projects.
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MISO Reacts to Ill. Legislators’ Criticism of Capacity Shortfall
MISO responded to criticism from Illinois lawmakers that it isn’t doing enough to bring renewables in its queue online to solve its capacity deficiency.

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