June 16, 2024

transmission upgrades

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PJM Initiates Transitional Interconnection Queue
PJM has begun working its way through 308 projects in its transitional generation interconnection queue, advancing it a step toward implementation of a clustered method of studying network upgrades.
ISO-NE Prices Transmission Upgrades Needed by 2050: up to $26B
Transmission upgrades that are needed to avoid overloads in a fully electrified New England by 2050 could cumulatively cost between $22 billion and $26 billion, ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee.
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Exelon Focuses on Energy Transition, Growth in Q2 Earnings Call
Exelon utilities will work on transmission upgrades as the Brandon Shores coal-fired power plant prepares for deactivation.
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PJM Promises to Work with Ohio Legislators on Cost Allocation
PJM responded to Ohio legislators' concerns about the cost impact of Illinois' climate policy, saying it could not split Ohio out of related transmission planning and pledging to work with lawmakers going forward.
California Faces Challenges Connecting 156 GW to Grid
A California Energy Commission workshop examined the difficulties of connecting vast quantities of clean energy resources to the bulk electric system by 2045.
New Jersey BPU Backs Plan for 2nd Grid Upgrade Process with PJM
The New Jersey BPU agreed to ask PJM to approve a plan for the state to undertake a second solicitation process under FERC’s State Agreement Approach.
Upgrade to Ease NY Transmission Bottleneck 75% Complete
A $615 million project to ease one of the transmission bottlenecks in upstate New York is nearing completion.
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FERC Approves PJM Proposal to Reduce Congestion Penalty During Grid Upgrades
FERC approved a PJM proposal to allow it to reduce the TCPF under a set of circumstances that PJM argued becomes punitive to load without providing any benefit.
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Renewable Group Asks FERC for Interconnection Cost Changes in NE
RENEW Northeast is asking FERC to shift the burden of network upgrade operations and maintenance costs in ISO-NE off of interconnection customers.
NYISO: $1.5B in Tx Upgrades Needed to Deliver 2021 Class Year
About 40% of the proposed capacity seeking interconnection in NYISO’s class year 2021 is not deliverable without expensive upgrades, the ISO reported.

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