December 3, 2023

U.S. Congress – House of Representatives (U.S. House)

House Energy and Commerce Committee
ISO/RTO Execs Talk Reliability and Resource Mix at House Hearing

Senior executives from all seven ISO/RTOs discussed how the changing resource mix is impacting reliability.

U.S. Coast Guard
House E&C Members Grill HECO CEO About Maui Fires
Subcommittee members had pointed questions for Hawaiian Electric's CEO over the company's role in the Maui wildfires in August.
Lawmakers, White House Promise More Work on Permitting After Debt Deal
Debt deal limits page counts and time on environmental reviews under the National Environmental Policy Act, but other work remains, and frustrations surface.
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Congress Doubling Down on Bipartisan Push for ‘Permitting Reform’
Congressional Democrats and Republicans both seek changes to federal permitting rules, but each party seeks to serve different ends.
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement
GOP Energy Bill Passes House, Heads for Hostile Senate
The GOP-led House passed a fossil-fuel friendly energy infrastructure bill that Democrats said will be “dead on arrival” in the Senate.
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Webinar Wades into Push to Revise US Permitting Rules
The U.S. must change permitting processes to deploy federal infrastructure money and ensure CO2 reductions needed to avoid the worst climate change impacts.
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Republicans Opening Offer on Permitting is Missing Electric Tx
House Republicans are moving the first energy permitting bill through Congress, but it lacks any provisions around electric transmission.
U.S. House of Representatives
New House GOP Majority Moves to Aid Fossil Fuel Sector
House members squared off over a set of proposals from the new GOP majority to lessen environmental and other regulatory barriers to domestic energy production.
IRA’s EV Tax Credits Spark Senate Debate
The IRA's EV tax credits sparked a Senate debate as Sen. Joe Manchin pushed for a floor vote on a bill that could delay the credits for some EV buyers.
Advanced Energy United
New Mission Means New Name for Advanced Energy Economy
Advanced Energy Economy started 2023 with a new name, reflecting both the progress the group has made since its founding and the challenges ahead.

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