June 20, 2024

up-to-congestion transactions (UTCs)

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Coaltrain Agrees to $4M Settlement with FERC over UTC Trades
Coaltrain Energy agreed to pay $4 million in disgorged profits to resolve a FERC investigation into accusations that the company engaged in market manipulation.
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PJM MIC Briefs: Dec. 2, 2020
PJM's Market Implementation Committee reviewed proposed manual language changes regarding financial transmission rights and UTC uplift.
PJM MIC Briefs: Nov. 5, 2020
PJM stakeholders endorsed the RTO’s package on updates to real-time value market rules that call for additional penalties for generation operators.
FERC Orders Uplift Charges on PJM UTCs
FERC ordered PJM to begin billing up-to-congestion transactions for uplift, calling the RTO’s current rules unjust and unreasonable.
PJM Responds to IMM Report
PJM has responded to the Market Monitor’s annual State of the Market Report, highlighting five different areas of focus out of hundreds of recommendations.
PJM ARR/FTR Review Could Pit LSEs vs. Financial Traders
PJM is moving forward with its plan to hire a consultant to conduct a review of the RTO’s auction revenue rights and financial transmission rights.
FERC Queries PJM on Virtual Transaction Rules
PJM must provide FERC with a refreshed briefing on whether the RTO still wants to charge uplift on all virtual trades in light of recent market changes.
FERC Reverses Course — Again — in PJM Line-loss Case
FERC reversed its position again in a more than decadelong dispute over line-loss refunds, ordering PJM to surcharge load to recover overpayments.
PJM, IMM Subpoenaed in Coaltrain UTC Scam case
PJM and its Monitor must turn over a trove of documents stemming from allegations of manipulation against now-defunct Coaltrain Energy.
FERC Upholds Orders on PJM Virtual Trading Nodes, Uplift
FERC rejected requests for rehearing of its ruling reducing the number of bidding nodes for virtual transactions in PJM, and upheld its rejection of the RTO’s proposal to allocate uplift to UTCs.

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