December 7, 2023

Vistra Energy

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PJM Stakeholders Finalize CIFP Proposals Ahead of Vote
PJM and stakeholders presented their final CIFP proposals and posted executive summaries explaining how their packages would redesign the RTO's capacity market.
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DC Circuit Affirms FERC Order on PJM MSOC
The court reaffirmed FERC's order eliminating the default offer cap, denying generators' claims that the changes to PJM's market seller offer cap deprived them of the ability to set their own rates.
PJM Refines Risk Modeling, Stakeholders Begin Final CIFP Presentations
PJM presented new risk modeling figures and updates to its critical issue fast path proposal and stakeholders discussed their own proposals during the Aug. 1 CIFP process meeting.
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In Late Twist, ISO-NE Calls for 2-Year Delay on MOPR Elimination
ISO-NE has proposed maintaining its MOPR for the next two capacity auctions and eliminating it for FCA 19, with RTR exemptions of 700 MW over that period.
PJM Requests Rehearing of MSOC Change
PJM requested a rehearing and clarification of FERC’s order to replace its market seller offer cap, arguing that the new construct would prove burdensome.
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DC Circuit Sides with Public Citizen over 2015 MISO Capacity Auction
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with Public Citizen that FERC hasn't explained why it continues to uphold the expensive Southern Illinois capacity price produced in MISO’s 2015/16 capacity auction.
Decommissioning Fund for Comanche Peak Tops $1.3B
The Texas Public Utility Commission approved a change to the decommissioning funds for Vistra Energy’s Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant.
Vistra to Shut down Another Texas Coal Plant
Vistra said it would retire the Coleto Creek plant no later than 2027 because it would be too expensive to comply with latest EPA rules.
Overheard at the CPES Fall Conference: CEO Viewpoints
Three energy industry CEOs shared their thoughts on New England’s electric transformation at CPES’ virtual fall conference.
Vistra Reports Q3 Earnings Above Expectations
Vistra said it is taking on the “changing power generation landscape” as it announced earnings that were above management’s expectations.

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