April 17, 2024


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NERC Taking Comments as Winter Reliability Standard Deadline Looms
NERC is taking comments on a winter reliability standard for generators that has failed to clear its stakeholder process twice.
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PJM OC Briefs: Nov. 2, 2023
PJM's Operating Committee recommended high winter weekly reserve target values due to the inclusion of data from December 2022’s Winter Storm Elliott.
Weatherization Practices Paying Off in Texas
Texas reliability and regulator officials are praising the state's efforts to weatherize their facilities following the disastrous 2021 winter storm, while the results bear them out.
FERC Approves More Extreme Weather Rules
FERC approved new rules intended to strengthen the grid against both extreme heat and cold weather events.
Matthew T. Rader, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
NERC Board Approves New Cold Weather Standards
The ERO Enterprise’s work preparing for extreme winter weather is far from over despite completion of the initial effort to update reliability standards.
Xcel Energy
NERC Warns of Fuel Shortages Going into Winter
NERC hasn't yet issued its annual Winter Reliability Assessment, but it's clear that it is concerned about the electric industry’s readiness for severe weather.
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Texas RE Board of Directors Briefs: Aug. 24, 2022
Occidental Power Services’ Venona Greaff told Texas RE that the industry's new cold weather standard is on track to be approved in October.
FERC, NERC Drill down on Generators’ Winter Readiness
FERC and NERC continue to gather information from utilities, generators and grid operators on maintaining electric reliability during severe cold weather.
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NERC Chief: ‘Longer, Deeper, Broader’ Weather Presents New Reliability Challenges
Extreme weather events have brought “extraordinary clarity” about reliability risks posed by climate change, NERC CEO Jim Robb told an EPSA conference.
David Muehlenthal
ERCOT Breezes Through Latest Winter Storm
ERCOT, as well as SPP and MISO, comfortably met demand during last week’s latest round of winter weather, a welcome change from last February’s disaster.

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