April 16, 2024

balancing operating reserve (BOR)

PJM Operating Committee Briefs
PJM’s Operating Committee reviewed tightened metering requirements and approved sunsetting the Systems Information Committee, reassigning its responsibilities to the Data Management Subcommittee and the new Tech Change Forum.
FERC Rejects Refund on PJM Polar Vortex Charges
FERC denied Champion Energy Marketing’s request for a $3.1 million refund in PJM uplift charges related to the polar vortex of January 2014.
PJM Forgoing $10M in Settlement with DC Energy, Scylla
PJM will forego $10.2 million in BOR charges resulting from DC Energy and Scylla transactions characterized as IBTs under a settlement approved by FERC.
PJM MIC OKs Settlement, Credit Changes
The PJM MIC approved several changes recommended by subcommittees regarding data submission deadlines and credit requirements.
PJM MRC to Consider Settlement Rule Changes
The PJM Markets and Reliability Committee last week heard first reading on proposed deadline changes recommended by the Market Settlement Subcommittee.
Bowring: UTCs Boost FTR Shortfalls
PJM's market monitor released data showing that up-to congestion (UTC) transactions are increasing shortfalls in Financial Transmission Rights (ftr) funding.
No Changes for Wind BOR, Forecasting Costs
PJM will continue its current methods for calculating wind farms’ operating reserve charges and allocating costs of its wind forecasting tool. The Intermitt...
Monitor Calls for Fixes to Capacity, Reserve, Demand Response
By Rich Heidorn Jr. Washington, DC (March 14, 2013) - Market Monitor Joseph Bowring released the 2012 State of the Markets report with a call for changes to...
Outages, Gas Demand Spike Balancing Charges in East
By Rich Heidorn Jr. PJM Insider Two unplanned generator outages and high natural gas demand resulted in unusually high Balancing Operating Reserve (BOR) pay...
Members Reject Change to Congestion Fee Allocation
By Rich Heidorn, Jr. PJM Insider Wilmington – PJM stakeholders Thursday soundly defeated a proposal to relieve holders of Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs...

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