June 25, 2024

Delmarva Power & Light Co.

Exelon Focuses on ComEd, Other Rate Cases in Q1 Earnings Call
Exelon prioritized improving "our regulatory outlook in Illinois," CEO Calvin Butler said, after the state's Commerce Commission rejected ComEd's integrated grid plan for failing to meet core provisions of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act.
Delmarva Power & Light
Exelon Q3 Earnings Call Links Transmission Expansion to Rate Cases
"The energy transformation will last decades, not years, which is why we are confident that investment opportunities will continue to strengthen and lengthen our rate base growth,” CEO Calvin Butler said.
Ken Lund,
FERC Approves $1.8M Penalty Against Exelon Utilities
Six Exelon utilities have agreed to pay ReliabilityFirst $1.8 million for violating NERC's reliability standards.
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Maryland Bill Would Require Utilities to Report Votes at PJM
A bill passed by the Maryland House of Delegates would require that utilities submit annual reports detailing their votes at PJM.
Delmarva Power & Light Co.
Counterflow: Vampire Power
Big savings from unplugging vampire power are as much a fantasy as, well, vampires, says columnist Steve Huntoon.
PJM PC/TEAC Briefs: Sept. 1, 2020
The PJM Planning and Transmission Expansion Advisory committees discussed the proposed installed reserve margin for 2021/22.
Artificial Island Cost Dispute is Over — Almost
FERC ended its refereeing in a battle over cost allocation of the $266.5M Artificial Island stability project, PJM’s first Order 1000 transmission project.
FERC Rejects Pepco, Delmarva Tx Rate Challenges
FERC rejected transmission rate challenges against Pepco and Delmarva Power & Light that questioned the accounting of the utilities' prepaid pension assets.
Utilities Likely to Pass Tax Bill Gains to Customers
Although electric utilities will see their tax rate fall from 35% to 21% under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, few are making plans to spend their savings.
Transmission Developer: PJM TOs Inflating Upgrade Costs for ARRs
A merchant transmission developer accused several PJM transmission owners of inflating the costs of upgrades necessary to approve three auction revenue rights requests.

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